2022 FPM International Awards for Medical Writing in Social Media: Instructions for entrants

The Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine is partnering with its journals – Health Policy and Technology and the Postgraduate Medical Journal – to provide annual international awards for well-informed, clear writing on health matters in social media.

Click here for the link to the entry form for the 2022 FPM International Medical Writing awards

1. These annual international awards are for medical or other health professional graduates from anywhere in the world. Go to this link for an Editorial on the FPM International Awards for Medical Writing in Social Media.

2. To be eligible for the FPM International Awards for Medical Writing in Social Media, an article or blog must be on health matters and written in English and based on evidence. The topic may be any health-related matter of interest to the public and health professionals. The aim of the writing should to provide clear information, advice and discussion. Entries are also welcome when aimed at clarifying misunderstanding of health issues and discussing ways to address fake ‘medical news’. Examples of article style include an editorial or commentary or social media post.

3. Entries for the award are free.

4. An entry for the 2022 Awards should have been published online between 1st January 2021 and the closing date for the awards: 31st May 2022.

5. To enter you need to provide the web address [URL] of your webpost, date of initial posting of the report, the website on which it is posted and a note that you have permission to submit the entry and that you have permission for the article to be republished ie you hold the copyright or have permission of the copyright holder.

6. You must also send a pdf of your entry.

7. The winners of the 2022 FPM International Awards for Medical Writing in Social Media will be announced on Monday 26th September 2022 from 4pm UK time at an online Awards Event at which short-listed entrants will present a summary of their entries for the 2022 Awards.

Go to this link to find out more about the 2022 FPM International Writing Awards.

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