Speaker videos from the 90th Anniversary Symposium for the Postgraduate Medical Journal

The Postgraduate Medical Journal celebrated its 90th Anniversary on 1 Oct 2015 with a Symposium held at The Medical Society of London, Chandos House.

Video recordings of the talks and round-table discussions are available as HD Video.

Morning Session

  1. Introduction to Sir William Osler, founder of the PMJ  – Professor Terence Ryan. YouTube version.
  2. http://
    Early development of heart surgery – Mr  Wade Dimitri. YouTube version.
  3. Preventing and treating diabetes –  Professor Melanie Davies
  4. Cancer: a disease of our time – Professor Karol Sikora
  5. Development of anaesthesia over the past 90 years –  Dr  David Wilkinson
  6. Evolution of asthma and COPD therapy over 90 years  – Professor Peter Barnes
  7. Advances in managing tuberculosis, The White Plague 1925-2015. A world of two halves –  Dr  Paul Nunn
  8. Publishing medical journals –  Peter Ashman
  9. Round-table discussion – morning session


Afternoon Session

  1. Preventing heart disease –  Professor Donald Singer
  2. Advances in imaging the heart –  Professor Dudley Pennell
  3. New approaches to drug discovery –  Professor Andrew Marsh
  4. Progress in personalised medicine – Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed
  5. Vigilance and risk management of medicines  – Dr June Raine
  6. Perspectives on neuroscience –  Lord Walton of Detchant
  7. Carotid surgery to prevent stroke –  Professor Alison Halliday
  8. Opportunities to improve public health through a focus on health in the workplace  – Professor Dame Carol Black
  9. Round-table discussion – afternoon session


Video recordings and production by RC Visual Strategy.