Postgraduate Medical Journal

The PMJ publishes editorials, review articles, original research, clinical pmj 2audits, case reports, clinical images, and self-assessment exercises. All articles are peer-reviewed after submission on our online system.

Postgraduate Medical Journal aims to support junior doctors and their teachers and contribute to the continuing professional development of all doctors.

Published 12 times a year, the PMJ has a worldwide circulation and is available in both print and electronic formats.  It is indexed by all the major indexing companies.

Since 1925 the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine has been publishing the Postgraduate Medical Journal as a major contribution in the field of clinical medicine. The Journal promotes the aims of the Fellowship by educating medical professionals, junior doctors, teachers and clinicians through a wide range of topics of interest to medical practice.

The latest issue is available now and can be accessed by logging on the PMJ Website.

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The aims of the PMJ are threefold:

  1. Provide clinically relevant and up to date articles that will contribute to ongoing professional development of doctors of all grades and specialties.
  2. Help trainees by addressing the needs of examination candidates and focusing on core competencies required by junior doctors.
  3. Help trainers by providing education and practical resources that can be used in variety of ways for teaching purposes.