2021: 10th Anniversary Conference Series for the Health Policy and Technology journal

To mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Health Policy & Technology journal, we are holding a new online conference webinar series on key themes of national and international interest.

Each session will last 90 minutes, starting with a 1 hour international expert panel discussion, followed by short presentations based on peer-reviewed abstracts on the Conference themes.

Abstracts and proceedings will be published in the Health Policy & Technology journal.

Click here for how to submit an abstract to be considered for presentation at one of the conference sessions.

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24th August: Artificial Intelligence – Improving Health, from Smart Hospitals to Smart Homes

The 5 monthly sessions are all on Tuesdays at 4pm UK time on Zoom:

1. 27th July: Trusted Information and Fake News

1.1 Vaccines, trusted information and fake news

1.2 Non-scientific threats to public health policies: Nutrition and reducing dietary sodium

2. 24th August: Artificial Intelligence – Improving Health, from Smart Hospitals to Smart Homes

3. 28th September: Equity and Outcomes, Ensuring Fair Access to Healthcare

4. 26th October: Addressing Geopolitical Challenges to the Price of Medicines

5. 23rd November: Climate and Health – why should policy-makers and the public be concerned?

The conference series speakers and discussants include:

Richard Barker, Founding DIrector, New Medicine Partners and Metadvice, London, UK
Jacoline Bouvy, Technical Director, NICE Scientific Advice, UK
Franco Cappuccio, University of Warwick, UK
Andrew Fried, former Global Industry Life Science Lead, IBM, USA
Ihsane Hmamouchi, Rheumatologist and Epidemiologist, Rabat, Morocco
Nigel Hughes, Co Project Lead, European Health Data and Evidence Network, Belgium
Frank Kelly, Humphrey Battcock Chair in Community Health and  Policy, School of Public Health, Imperial College
John LaMattina, Healthcare Contributor, Forbes, USA
Isabelle Manneh, Vaccination Initiative Coordinator, European Patients Forum, Brussels, Belgium
Yannis Natsis, Manager – Universal Access, European Public Health Alliance
Ole Petter Ottersen, President of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Ken Redekop, Editor-in-Chief, Health Policy and Technology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Wilfred Reilly, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Kentucky State University, USA
Bettina Ryll, Cancer Mission-board member at European Commission and Patient Advocates Working Group Chair, European Society for Medical Oncology, Uppsala, Sweden
Duane Schulthess, Managing Director of Vital Transformation, Brussels and Washington
Donald Singer, President, Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine, London, UK
Dirk Smeets, Chief Technology Officer, Icometrix, Leuven, Belgium
Carin Uyl-De Groot, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Rotterdam, The Netherlands