New Year for the FPM

We wish all FPM Fellows, conference delegates, and readers of and authors vitaminDreceptorfor the PMJ and HPT our best wishes for the festive season and for 2016.

2015 has seen a major anniversary for the FPM – the 90th for the Postgraduate Medical Journal now with Professor Bernard Cheung as its new Editor-in-Chief. The event was marked by a conference wth topics ranging from public health to new approaches to asthma, heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis and cancer. Speakers on the day  commented on what medicine was like in the 1920s, current progress in their field, and what is in prospect over the next 90 years.

The FPM also supported 2 events on neurological themes: the immunology of neuropsychiatry and the history of neurology and psychiatry.

The FPM’s other official journal –Health Policy and Technology is now entering its 5th year of publication under the Editorship of Professor Wendy Currie. Future theme issues planned for 2016 include “Patient – Centered Health Information Technology”.

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